Monday, May 13, 2013

"Make it Monday" Jewelry Making - Ancient Fossil Bracelet

"Ancient Fossil" Bracelet

Open/Close Jump Rings

10 Fossil Crinoids -
3 Engraved Wood Fossil Beads - Michaels
18 White Shell Baroque Beads - Znetshows
3 5.25mm Vintaj Brass Jump Rings
6 7.5mm Vintaj Brass Jump Rings
1 Vintaj Brass Clasp
16" 4Ply Brown Wax Linen Cording
1 Raw Brass Shell
1 Copper Seed Bead

1.  Take 1 5.25mm Brass JR and wrap wax linen cording through/around JR and make an overhand knot (do not bring both ends together)
2.  String 1 Crinoid, 3 Shell, 1 Crinoid, 3 Shell, 1 Crinoid, 1 Wood bead, 3 Shell, 1 Crinoid, 1 Wood Bead, 3 Shell, 1 Crinoid, 1 Wood Bead, 1 Crinoid, 3 Shell, 2 Crinoids, 3 Shell, and 3 Crinoids.
3.  Take another 5.25mm JR and wrap end of cording through/around JR and back through Crinoid Fossils. 4.  Make an overhand knot.
5.  String 1 copper Seed Bead and make overhand knot at end.
6.  Attach 3 7.5mm JR to the 5.25mm JR on each side.
7.  Attach clasp.
8.  Attach 1 raw brass shell charm to a 5.25mm JR and add to 7.5mm JR.

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