Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tutorial: Step by Step Children's Black Kitty Cat Halloween Necklace

Children's Black Kitty Cat Halloween Necklace

Products Needed: All items were bought at JoAnn Fabrics
1 pkg.Black Glass Beads
30 Headpins 
30 4mm Jump Rings
Black Textured Pleather
Black Thick Felt (1 piece)
Black Rainbow Classic Felt (1 piece)
Orange Rainbow Classic Felt (1 piece)
Crafter's Choice 100% Polyester Fiberfill (1 bag)
Black Closed Bottom Fashion Zipper (1 zipper)
Hot Orange Lily Cotton Yarn (1 spool)
Black Cotton Cord (48" of cord)
Black Thread (1 spool)
Two Green Eyes
Clear Nail Polish

Tools Needed:
Chenille #6 Needle
Dritz 25 Assorted Craft Needles
Jewelry Flush Cutters
Jewelry Round Nosed Pliers
Jewelry Chain Nosed Pliers

1.    Bring your own Kitty Cat to life by either creating your own face template or print and trace the cat face above out on paper.

2.    Cut out that precious little face with scissors.

3.    You will begin by making the inside of the cat first; so again place that precious little face on the black thick felt, secure with pins, and cut around the template.

4.    Next, pin the face template to the black pleather, and cut around the template. You will need a front and a back for the face, so when making the back you will want to make sure that you turn over the pleather and trace on opposite side.

5.    The next step is to decide where you would like the eyes on the front pleather, once you decide puncture two holes in the pleather, and insert the eyes.

6.    On the orange felt cut out a small triangle and pin it to the front of pleather, this will be the nose.

7.    Cut 24" of orange yarn and divide yarn into two equal parts. 

8.    Thread the yarn (2 pieces) through the Chenille needle and begin to sew on the nose to front pleather piece.   
Tip: I used a ruler and marked where I wanted the thread to be sewed on.

9.    Next, you will need to make this poor kitty's mouth. Count out 5 teeth on zipper and cut; then count out two 10 strips of teeth and cut.

10.  Sew the teeth onto the front of black pleather with the black thread.

11.  Cut the cotton cord into two equal parts, sew the ends of the cord onto the black thick     felt by the ears.

12.  Place all the pieces together and secure the edges around the face with your pins.

13.  Thread the orange yarn through the Chenille needle, and begin to hand stitch the face           together.

Tip: I used a ruler and marked where I wanted the thread to be sewed on.

14.  Stop sewing about 2 to 3" from closure, add a little fiberfill, and then finish sewing all parts together.

15.  To add the finishing touches, I made 3 overhand knots on each side of the cotton cord.

16.  I also added a 4mm jump ring to each overhand knot.

17.  Then place five black beads on each jump ring. The beads are placed on a headpin with a simple loop, and then placed on the jump rings.

18.  Bring both pieces of cotton cord together and make an overhand knot at the end of the necklace.

19.  Put a little bit of clear nail polish on the cord ends so that they do not fray.

And, in the end she wanted to be a kitty!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Have You Heard? ABOUT A GIVEAWAY!!!

Elements of Antiquity is having a giveaway this month! All their components are nickel & lead FREE and made in the USA! You only have until October 31, 2014 to enter so head on over to their blog.

Good luck, friends!


Monday, October 13, 2014

Firmoo: New Specs!

I  recently had another opportunity to select a pair of glasses with Firmoo. Since this is my second time going through the process, I can honestly say that it is incredibly easy to place your order and shipping is super fast. I think the hardest part for me was reading the doctor's hand writing on the prescription! :-) 

I ordered the exact same frame as last time but this time I chose them in black. I absolutely love this frame! It is very light weight so my ears or nose aren't sore at the end of the day. Better yet, I have had lots of compliments on these frames too! 
If you would like to read my previous post and have a look at the other frame color you can view it here New Eye Glasses: Firmoo.