Saturday, September 06, 2014

Shopping at Auntie's Beads

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to pick out a few items from Auntie's Beads to work with in my jewelry designs. I selected some Tierra Cast components, a set of branches from Nunn Design,  pumpkin & sea class beads.

Here's what I created...
Triple Wrap Leather Bracelets

Tierra Cast from Auntie's Bead
Compass from Tracy Bell
Daisy from Unicorn Beads
Nunn Design branches from Auntie's Beads
Pewter Birds from Elements of Antiquity
Sea Glass from Auntie's Beads
Pumpkin Beads from Auntie's Beads

xo, Suzette

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Recruiting Jewelry Makers & Bloggers

I've recently launched Elements of Antiquity an aged pewter jewelry supply company.  I'm currently looking for jewelry makers & bloggers to use our product in their designs or tutorials. 
 Here are the deets: 

Are you a blogger interested in using Elements of Antiquity in your jewelry designs?

If you answered yes, then won't you come join us?

Each participant will receive a few random products to use in their jewelry designs. In return, all that we ask is for you to share your creations on your blog, and to link back to our website. We will also feature your design(s) in our "Get Inspired" category.

This challenge will close on September 30th at which time I will select participants based upon style and creativity.  

If you're interested please go ahead and complete the form.

Best regard,


Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Why I wigged out...

Hi friends,

Last week, I shared with y'all that I wigged out! Well, sorta! Here's why...

Back in April, I thought of this GRAND book idea for jewelry makers! And I really mean GRAND.  Well, I'm a little biased, it's my idea. :-) Anyhoo, I moved forward with it and began researching publishing companies. I was really interested in submitting to Kalmbach publishing, because my very first piece of jewelry I ever submitted was accepted to Bead Style. I felt a little loyal to them. I reviewed their requirements and found the first thing they wanted was a query letter. I got busy and submitted my letter. I heard back very quickly. They asked me to go ahead and submit the full book proposal. After a few meetings on there end they asked me to send in more jewelry designs. We went back & forth for four months. When I say I went back & forth, I literally mean that!  It was costly on my end. They sincerely loved all my jewelry designs & thought my book idea was great!  The editor said it would definitely reach their target market. But, yet there was just this one catch that made it quite risky for them.  Through all my phone & email conversations I never once got a bad vibe and really felt like my idea was coming to fruition.  Well, then the news came mid-July. They made the decision to not go forth with my idea, because it was a bit too risky for their publishing company.  I will share why in a later post. :-)

My friend, Lisa Crone really encouraged me to resubmit to another publisher. So I did. I sent it off to North Light Books. Again, I heard back right away, like the following morning.  Yay, right!  They were really excited about my idea too. We went back & forth for a few weeks.  They brought my book idea up in their big board meeting and everyone was on board except for one person.  Ugh, right!  They asked me to submit a professional drawing of one of my designs to help get the one guy on board with my idea. I thought it was a little crazy to do that when I still did not have a contract at that point.  Well, that's when I wigged out and decided I would write my own ebook. And, then reality hit and thought maybe it would be better to turn my blog into my book idea. So here I write feeling a little confused on what to do...What would you do? Would it be a good idea to turn this blog into my book idea? Let me know what you'd do in the comment section...

xo, Suzette